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A candle is a way to express feelings, love and emotion. People use candle regular in his routine life, e.g hotels, weddings, spa and decorate their homes. Custom candle boxes grab the customer’s attention in the shelf. Antique Candle Boxes has become the fashion everyone wants to pic the luxury boxes from the market. The growing need of candle become the reason for industries to upgrade their packaging technology. have the latest printing packaging technology with a dedicated designer.

Rigid Candle Boxes
Online packaging industries face a problem in shipping. Our rigid candle boxes is the perfect solution to ship products without any harm. We have a custom solution for your candle according to their size and shape. Custom rigid candle boxes made with high-quality with printed name and logo.

Sensational Gift Ideas
Candles are the most popular gift item. Its light up the event especially birthday party, even more, wedding, and hotel’s table. These happy moments become more exciting with customization, you can print these boxes with receiver name and beautiful message. We provide you these custom candle boxes with an eye-catching look.

Unique Candle Boxes
Packaging solution in your hand, present your custom candle boxes in a unique way. Present your product according to their size and shape. Give a shiny look to the boxes with lamination. Die cut window gives personalize the look. We can print your images, logo and quotes. According to the occasion or holidays, we print theme and images e.g Christmas and happy new year. For your loved ones we personalize gift scented candles boxes with quotes, images and name.

Eco-friendly your box solution
Instead of plastic candle boxes, kraft candle boxes more reliable. Kraft boxes an eye-catching with personalizing touch. These boxes are recyclable and reusable and environment-friendly. This material for custom candle boxes is highly economical. Customization gives stunning look and makes your moments special. Visual display of custom candle boxes grab the customer’s attention and increase sale.

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